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Brick Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

BRICK KITCHEN BACKSPLASH IDEAS – Over time, brick has become popular in modified shapes and sizes for various kitchen backsplash concepts. Brick can accommodate your planned backsplash even on a small budget.

Red brick, white painted brick, and bare brick are among the options that you can explore further in this article. Different brick treatments can result in a noticeably different appearance. Further explanations can be found below.

Nice brick kitchen backsplash

Nice brick kitchen backsplash
Source: cileather.com

Stacks of red bricks become the main source of any of the backsplash concepts in this kitchen. We’re only going to focus on red bricks that cover half of the kitchen wall. The backsplash becomes the background for the kitchen countertop and the sink.

The backsplash contains red stones of various sizes, large and small. The red bricks look natural and fresh. The backsplash and countertop of the kitchen give a natural feel to this outdoor kitchen.

Overall, this little kitchen will be imaginative for the small circle of closed friends who spend the weekend together.

Fresh, brick kitchen backsplash

Brick kitchen fresh brick kitchen
Source: homebnc.com

Get variation on red brick. Paint red stones with green to enhance the fresh tone that already comes from red stones themselves. This backsplash can show you an easy way to achieve that desired kitchen backsplash.

Divide the total planned backsplash area into two parts. Paint the kitchen wall from top to bottom (floating storage space) a super light shade of green.

Place red bricks between the floating storage space and the kitchen countertop and paint them green. For the second part, choose the dark or bold shade of green for a cool contrast.

Natural brick construction of the brick kitchen

Natural brick construction of the brick kitchen

This backsplash is similar to the first idea in that all raw stones are used without painting. This idea seems more natural as the backsplash contains stones that have been cut in different sizes. The backsplash would like to be presented here as possibly natural.

The bricks are ordered irregularly from the extractor hood to the kitchen countertop. The whole kitchen looks creamy and comfortable. Interesting enough to see that the backsplash matches the metallic look of the kitchen.

For this recommendation, you must leave the stones unprocessed. Present cement as shown here whenever necessary.

Relaxing backsplash from the Tuscan brick kitchen

Relaxing backsplash from the Tuscan brick kitchen
Source: najwakitchen.com

Choose the Tuscan brick style as you can see in this picture. The stones in this backsplash seem to refer to the coast or the beach. The stones look whiter and softer. The backsplash uses the stones in many sizes, which reinforce the natural feeling here.

In addition, there are two sub-backsplash concepts in this picture. The first relates to the wall of the house, which becomes the backsplash for the cooking appliances. Next to it the bricks for the sink. The backsplash offers a balance for metal cooking utensils.

With this selection of Tuscan bricks, this outdoor kitchen feels relaxed and cozy.

Simple brick construction of the brick kitchen

Simple brick construction of the brick kitchen
Source: ssreuta.com

Starting from the same idea as the first idea, our fifth idea is likely to be widely used in both a traditional and modern kitchen. This backsplash uses a much lower number of red bricks compared to the first recommendation.

In addition, the stones are painted white with this backsplash, although the red hue remains visible in this picture. The backsplash contrasts with the modern cooking appliances. This is how natural and modern accents merge so well here.

You only need to paint the stones white for a slight variation. This simple idea contradicts the ambience of the first one.

Unique backsplash from brick kitchens

Unique backsplash from brick kitchens
Source: bjgcfoundation.org

Irregular order brings a whimsical appeal to some. This can be derived from this backsplash concept. The backsplash uses natural or raw stones of various sizes, from large to small.

You can even see the bricks serve as pillars for the wooden table. The stones are ordered irregularly. Some of the stones move forward compared to others. The unspecified ordering style provides a natural ambience for the backsplash.

And with the wooden cabinets and the kitchen worktop, the entire kitchen feels down to earth.

Sure, brick kitchen backsplash

Sure, brick kitchen backsplash
Source: Pinterest

In this article we will use red bricks as a common base material. Red bricks are easy to find and flexible for backsplash concepts in the lower kitchen. This picture shows one of them.

The backsplash consists of red bricks that extend from the kitchen hood to the kitchen countertop. This backsplash varies slightly by painting concentrated white on the stones.

That hope to match the backsplash with the overall look of the kitchen, which looks so deep in white. With this simple idea, you can get two tones in that backsplash; natural and modern values.

Warm brick kitchen from brick kitchen

Warm brick kitchen from brick kitchen
Source: Thomasbrick.com

This kitchen uses thin red bricks for the backsplash from the far left to the right end. Natural and warm, the backsplash covers from the top to the kitchen worktop. The backsplash also becomes the background of the kitchen hood.

The backsplash takes up a lot of space in this kitchen. The backsplash goes well with wood, which among other things becomes the main material for the kitchen hood and the floor. As a result, the entire kitchen feels so warm and light, which is partly caused by the bricks.

Trendy, brick kitchen backsplash

Trendy, brick kitchen backsplash
Source: smartsrl.net

Our ninth idea invites you to experiment with red bricks. Breakthrough square or rectangular red stones arranged vertically or horizontally. This backsplash uses red bricks that create some jobs.

You can see a traditional arrangement where the rectangular red bricks lay neatly next to each other horizontally. The unique shape comes from some of the generally rectangular stones arranged in a distorted order.

We call the order a stylish one.

Cool backsplash from brick kitchens

Cool backsplash from brick kitchens
Source: chuckragantix.com

We’ll end this list with another easy way to arrange red bricks that results in a cool view. This backsplash uses rectangular red stones as one of the backsplash concepts. The backsplash is creative by taking inspiration from stairs.

You can see some of the red bricks being cut and tied like they were stairs. The entire backsplash feels cool and modern. The backsplash offers traditional value in this modern kitchen that uses minimalist kitchen appliances.

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